How it All Started

From the family garage to becoming a major regional manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of windows and doors, still based in Springfield, Missouri.

Long-term customers fondly remember Midwest Window & Door Corp. under its original name, Midwest Aluminum, and often still refer to it by that name. That’s hardly surprising, even though the company has grown considerably over the years since its start in 1957. It is still known for friendly and consistent service, and products that keep pace with the times.

In its inception, the company focused on storm windows, storm doors and screens. This line of products, mostly sold direct to the public, was the base upon which the company grew year after year. More products were added to the line, including the then revolutionary concept of thermal break products, both in windows and doors. The product lines now manufactured and distributed cover the broad spectrum of windows and doors specified by residential and commercial architects.

The focus today at MW&D is on wholesale distribution through various lumberyards, home centers and glass shops throughout Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

The company is still a family owned and operated business, one that remains dedicated to manufacturing and distributing quality windows and doors for residential and commercial applications.


Midwest Window & Door Corp. operates out of a 57,000 square foot facility, divided between three buildings and centrally located in Springfield, Missouri.

They glaze their own insulated units and use a computerized glass cutting system to prepare glass for their windows and doors. 

We are proud to be part of the Springfield Home Builders Association and the Springfield Better Business Bureau.